Words From Our Clients:

“I was lucky to have had Gloria cook for me for two months post-surgery for breast cancer. The meals were not only delicious but well thought out for what I would need nutritionally for an optimum recovery. Her knowledge about what foods I should be eating moving forward has been really helpful as well. I look forward to buying your cookbook Gloria!”

Lisa G

“I feel like I’ve been taught a most valuable life lesson: how to achieve a healthy body and mind simply with food choices and meal planning. Learning the ratios of protein, carbs and fat and eating balanced meals, even while at a restaurant, has liberated me from ever having to endure weight loss plans in the future. I am eating more meals, and even though I indulge on occasion, I look forward to getting back “in balance” at the next meal, and not because I feel guilty, but because I feel better when I eat the proper combinations and favorable foods.

I’ve already taken action steps, but plan to follow them throughout my lifetime. First, I have added several new vegetables to my list of favorable choices and no longer consume the processed cereals I used to love to eat; in fact, I no longer crave them! Second, I grocery shop more so that I have lots of healthy choices within reach, and finally, I have learned the value of listening to my body’s hunger levels to accommodate my needs. If I am hungry between meals, I eat a balanced snack, giving myself permission to do so. I also know that if I eat a half Zone Bar an hour before a workout, I perform at my best.”

Charlene Peters

“Since my husband’s heart attack, I needed to learn how to cook heart wise. I tried all kinds of seasoning, but without saturated fats and salt the food had no flavor. Gloria Bakst taught me how to make a variety of meals in a short time that would last for weeks. She used all natural ingredients and no salt. My family and I could not believe how delicious the food tasted.”

Rose Macone

“I feel really lucky that I have you (and Hayley) in my life these days. I absolutely love the food that you prepare for me – you certainly have an incredible gift! Slow but sure I’m starting to find joy in food (even vegetables) which for a long time has been a source of fear and stress that has kept me on the yo-yo dieting rollercoaster.”

Michelle F

“We have been enjoying the most delicious dinners (gifted by my daughter) you delivered last week. What a treat it has been to eat such high quality and tasty meals that adhere to our dietary restrictions. I am thrilled that my daughter found you and have passed your info onto several of my friends. Thanks again!”

Susan Weiner

“Everyone says how much more energy he’s had since he began eating your delicious home-cooked meals!”

Dyan deNapoli