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I prepare healthy, delicious food tailored to the taste buds of cancer patients & those with any medical challenges.



I believe that eating the right foods can help prevent and reverse disease. As a trained personal chef and nutritionist, over the past 25 years I have cooked for, counseled, and supported people seeking to improve their health, lose weight, manage special diets or health conditions, and recover from disease or surgery.

I value good healthy food. and understanding and caring for my client’s needs. I am a detective in figuring out what will be best for them to eat as things change.

hot and sweet salmon with prebiotic salad and roasted asparagus

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Nutritional Consulting

Make small changes that will make a big impact on your health. I offer one hour consulting sessions with guaranteed satisfaction. more »

Special Diets Menu

Special diets for health and all dietary needs can be easily accommodated eliminating the guesswork for you. more »



First, I want to thank you again for all the ways you nourished me during these past three months. Your delicious and nutritious meals delivered to my door were like manna from heaven in my time of need.  I am deeply grateful for your culinary expertise and thoughtful care that strengthened my body and lifted my spirits.

~ A Satisfied Client

Gloria Bakst has been an inspiration and source of information on healthful eating for me for two decades. Through her knowledge, both of nutrition and cooking, she has helped me develop a plan for optimal health through nutrition. Her recipes are a great help. They are simple enough for me to prepare with two small children at home and I am confident that they help us meet our nutritional goals as a family."

~ Dr. Angela O'Brien, Chiropractor

“I was lucky to have had Gloria cook for me for two months post-surgery for breast cancer. The meals were not only delicious but well thought out for what I would need nutritionally for an optimum recovery. Her knowledge about what foods I should be eating moving forward has been really helpful as well. I look forward to buying your cookbook Gloria!”

~ Lisa G

"With Gloria's Nutritional Lifestyle program, I lost 55 pounds in about 5 months. Her personal oversight, practical suggestions and on-going enthusiastic encouragement are part of the effectiveness of the program. She used various approaches: a shopping expedition to a healthy foods store; recipes, after asking what my preferred cooking habits were, and no more recipes when it was clear I wasn't going to use more; the offer of cooking lessons/demonstration; and advice for shopping. I enjoyed my sessions with Gloria and appreciated that she asked about my living habits and showed me ways to make life healthier. We usually went for a walk after our meeting, another great personal touch."

~ G.W.

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