Workshops & Seminars

Looking for a Workshop or Seminar for your company or organization? Call Chef Gloria B for details at 781.598.9313.

Sample Workshops/Seminars:

  • Healthy Cooking for Busy Lifestyles
  • Surviving the Holidays
  • Healthy Meals in Minutes
  • Zone Cooking Made Easy
  • Healthy Holiday Meals
  • Foods to Boost Your Immune System.

I will be happy to customize a program for your companies needs.

What Gloria’s Workshop clients have to say:

When asked… What was the most important thing learned in class?

  • “Thinking about adaptation – moderation. The meal preparation was inspiring.”
  • “Balancing foods and how to appropriately prepare them.”
  • “Spices are very important.”
  • “Understanding the fat grams.”
  • “Getting new ideas.”
  • “How to plan, how to cook”. This is the best 3 hours I have spent in a long time.”
  • “Learning how to balance fat, protein and carbohydrates, and it wasn’t that difficult.”
  • “I love the practical, easy examples of meals and snacks.”
  • “How important correct diet is for overall health.”
  • “I can eat more and lose weight.”
  • “The importance of taking fish oils and learning interesting ways to cook.”
  • “Gloria’s easy manner and positive attitude are remarkable, she is a saleswoman with flair.”
  • “Fat is not as important as carbs and protein balance.”
  • “How this affects me hormonally.”
  • “Reviewing the protein, carbs and fat breakdown. Tips on reading labels in the supermarket.”
  • “So many things. Interesting learning about fats slowing down the rate of absorptions of carbohydrates.”
  • “How easy it is to prepare the meals with a little thought and planning.”
  • “Gloria is a wealth of information not only about the Zone but non Zone products which are Zone-able.
  • “She’s dynamic, reads her audience very well, excellent course.”
  • “I loved the cooking class learned a lot.”
  • “Shopping for the right foods and how they make such an impact on my health.”
  • “She is very informative the class was outstanding.”
  • “The importance of fish oils. That you can actually eat ‘good’ food on the Zone and why it is bad to go 4 hours without eating.”
  • “How to use ‘real’ food to stay in the zone. I had been using already prepared foods. Seeing the quantities we can eat-tasting the flavors – seeing the packaged ingredients you use. The Zone is not as complicated as I previously thought. Gloria has really helped me understand more about the Zone and made it very appealing to try.”
  • “I am probably highly insulin sensitive. I will definitely do my 2 week journal.”
  • “How to manage food blocks and incorporate them with meals.”
  • “How to create a balanced meal and how what you eat determines how you feel.”
  • “How to eat well balanced meals that are easy to prepare as well as getting motivated to begin the Zone.”
  • “I didn’t realize that salads and broccoli are free carbs – that was my favorite combo! Now I need to eat more carbs.”
  • “I learned that I was doing something wrong not eating a snack before working out.”

Corporate Seminars Feedback – Healthy Directions Feedback  BC/BS Hingham: Surviving the Holidays seminar

What did you like best about this seminar?  What did you find most useful and why? 

  • “The presenters approach to incorporate comedy into her presentation.” DJ
  • “The food tasting to know that good food is good tasting?” BO
  • “To taste the food that she made herself.”
  • “Everything.”
  • Great suggestions and demonstrations.” PC
  • “The appetizers were great.  It is a great way to incorporate vegetables.” LP
  • “Recipes.” JM
  • “The use of visuals and humor.”
  • “Portion control-value of protein.”
  • “It held my attention, presented real life scenarios, like the recipes and hand outs.” TB
  • “Very good – learning about what not to do during the holidays.”
  • “Excellent introductions, great finish, love the recipes.”
  • “Lots of practical advice.”
  • “Hands on recipes, handouts.”

How could this seminar be improved?

  • “Not sure, I really enjoyed it.” DJ
  • “No way to improve; great way to spend an hour!” PC
  • “It is as good as it is.”

Please Comment on the effectiveness of the presenter during the seminar.

  •  “She really held my attention.  She was funny, which in turn held my interest.” DJ
  • “Explained things in detail.” BO
  • “Very effective” “Perfect” “Superb!” PC
  • “She was very clear.”
  • “Friendly and knowledgeable and bringing in samples to eat.”
  • “Very good.”
  • “Calm, friendly.”
  • “Very good-humorous, knowledgeable.”
  • “Very engaging.”