Custom Meal Planning

Have you just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, High Cholesterol, or do you want to lose weight, or are you looking to gain muscle mass and lose body fat if you need to follow a specific meal plan?

If so we can help you achieve your goals. Tell us your situation and we can prepare foods accordingly.

We will cook and package your meals according to your diet plan. We will make sure you have the correct portion for each meal with ingredients that are appropriate for the plan you are following. We are creative and can make your food taste delicious regardless of your diet plan. We will save you time and you will achieve the results you need.

Start your delicious and healthy meal program – call Chef Gloria B to arrange your free consultation at 781.598.9313.

Words From a Client:

“Well, we’ve enjoyed your great meals in the last week or so. I liked the sable fish, Ernie prefers salmon. Your chile is decidedly yummier than my attempt. Your salmon is not the salmon I buy!! You’re awesome and I’m happy to give a referral to anyone considering your services, whether just counseling or personal chef.”

Marianne Wronka