weight-healthNew Year’s Resolutions come and go very quickly. I prefer to think about what goals I would like to achieve. Be specific in what you would like to achieve. Take time to think about, visualize, and focus your intent of what you would like to see happen for you. I find that clearing my mind of the clutter, and spending some time with paper & pen works best for me. I know in this computer age everyone wants to reach for their tablet or computer to do this. That is fine as long as you aren’t distracted by other things going on. Try and find time to be alone and let your mind go. Dreams are helpful in finding what you really want. Stay positive, even if there is doubt about achieving your goals or the specifics that might undermine achieving them. By thinking positively about what you are trying to achieve it can open doors of opportunity.

Some people want to lose weight, but is that really what you want? Or would you prefer eating healthy, having more energy, being toned and losing inches. My goal as a nutritional consultant, personal chef and cooking teacher is to help those who want to eat healthy, have more energy, and reach their ideal weight. I always listen to what my clients’ goals are. I construct a plan to help them achieve their goals.
If you are not enjoying your food or being satisfied at each meal it will not be a successful plan. I help my clients feel confident that they are eating the right food all the time.
A few helpful tips I give my clients:
• Keep a food diary (this will show you what you are eating and make you aware of what you do) Read “The Power of Habits” by Charles Duhigg
• Get rid of everything in packages or boxes (almost all the packaged goods are either high in sugar or have a high glycemic index, eating these things will make you crave more)
• Try a new recipe (see “ZonePerfect Cooking Made Easy”, by Gloria Bakst) for easy delicious recipes
• Eat protein with every meal (for your brain)
• Eat as much fresh fruit (low glycemic) and vegetables as possible (for vitality and energy)
• Get a nutritional coach (this will help you stay on track and give you encouragement)
• Use healthy fats, such as olive oil, avocado, nuts, they are good for you and will keep you satiated
• Hire a nutritionally knowledgeable personal chef to cook healthy delicious meals for you Feel confident that you are eating the right food all of the time. www.ChefGloriaB.com
• Exercise, make sure your moving your body aerobically and with weights 3-5 times a week
• Ask yourself before you eat, are you hungry, bored, stressed, unhappy. See if taking a walk or being with friends will satisfy your hunger desires.
It is easier to reach your ideal weight if you are enjoying your food, make food your friend, not your enemy
Reach your goals in a healthy, balanced way and keep off the weight!
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